Frequently Asked Questions

eBooks are just like regular books except in the electronic format. You can read eBooks from your Android phone or tablet, iPhone,iPad, Windows 8 Phone and Web. Ebooks allow you to carry as many books as your device supports, bookmark and make notes digitally. eBooks are currently supported on Android versions 2.2 or higher, iOS 5 or higher, Windows 8 phone. We do not support Kindle and nook.

Ebooks can be bought using credit/debit cards and net banking from website and Pustak Sagar eBooks app. Pustak Sagar wallet can be used to buy eBooks only from the website. Cash on delivery is currently not supported for eBooks. Our catalog also includes a great collection of free eBooks.

You will be able to preview up to 10 percent of the eBook for free.

Yes. That’s the only way we can add your purchase to your library. If you have a Pustak Sagar account, please use it to login. Otherwise, you can also login with your Facebook or Google accounts.

The “My Library” section has a list of all the eBooks you have purchased. You will have to login from your device using the same account you used to purchase a book to see it in your library.

Yes. All the eBooks available for purchase on Pustak Sagar are under copyright.

Purchased eBooks will reflect in the library when there is an active Internet connection. If you do not see your purchased eBooks in your library, make sure you are connected and click on the refresh icon in the library. If your problem persists, please contact Customer Care.