About Us

Pustak Sagar brings an ocean of literature, a plethora of books. In one of its kind effort, the portal is designed to contain books in every regional language of India. We are beginning with Marathi, a language that has legacy of ages. Marathi literature is transforming in pace and we are delighted to bring the creative pieces from all the eras to our readers.

Pustak Sagar desires to serve as a bridge between authors and readers. The fictions and non-fictions of various genres including drama, romance, mystery, horror, action, adventure, satire, travel, religious, poetry and many more are made available online by Pustak Sagar. Distinction of publications, authors and poets makes the reading experience comprehensive on this book portal.

We wish to make reading convenient through our ebooks, audio books and mobile app. May it be computer, laptop, tab, I-pad or smart phone, reading will not be sacrificed even while travelling. Thousands of books can be saved on a single device and read in suitable font as and when desired through this e-portal. It is as good as carrying your personal library along wherever you go.

Not only had this but if you wish to keep a copy of any book in collection we can get the offset books printed for you through our Print on Demand service. Our plans also go ahead to serve visually impaired readers by converting books into brail version. These advanced, handy and convenient brail font books can be ordered online from Pustak Sagar.

Welcome to Pustak Sagar, your personal virtual book mall. Select from a range of books and enrich your being with wisdom as it is rightly said that “you are what you read!”